Teaching Assistants

Summary of Role

The role of a Teaching Assistant (TA) is to assist and support pupils, in the classroom. Within this role the assistant will be expected to work closely with the teacher of the particular class they are assigned to. A main aspect of the role is to ensure the educational and social development of the students within the class - a job that Teaching Assistants find extremely rewarding.

A Teaching Assistant requires a wide-variety of skills to complete their job. The most imperative skill required is the ability to connect with pupils in order to aid their further development, however, there is also a clear requirement for excellent numeracy and literacy skills to match. Teaching Assistants will often work closely with Teachers to make a class fun and engaging, therefore, an ability to build a rapport with teachers, parents and pupils is also a fundamental aspect of the role. Although a Teaching Assistant can be a very demanding role that requires a wealth of patience, it is also a hugely rewarding profession with excellent development opportunities and the chance to use your experience as a stepping stone into becoming a fully qualified Teacher.


Typical Duties

  • Preparing the class for lessons
  • Listening to their pupils while they read or reading to their pupils.
  • Ensuring that students that need more help receive the adequate support
  • Assisting teachers to help them plan interesting and engaging activities for the classroom
  • Helping teachers to manage classroom behaviour
  • Helping with group activities

Why Use Euro Task?

In recent times, the demand for Teaching Assistants in schools across the UK has risen significantly. Here at Euro Task, with our nationwide pool of qualified Teaching Assistants we are able to fulfil any special requirements our clients may have. For example, Euro Task have provided a wealth of bilingual Teaching Assistants in order to assist with the integration of foreign language pupils in schools.

If you are currently looking to fill a Teaching Assistant position, please get in touch with us today by either calling 0113-827-2279 or completing our short contact form